Gibraltar in Westminster


Our Group’s name indicates the aim and policy of our Group, that Gibraltar should have direct Representation at Westminster. 

Advancement must be for a closer link with the U.K. with an unbreakable ‘permanent International status’ enacted by an Act of the UK Parliament that will give Gibraltar:

(1) Representation in Parliament - our own MP.

(2) The Gibraltar Constitution replicated in an Act of Parliament - subject to any necessary amendments and certain devolutions agreed by the Gibraltar Parliament.

(3) If necessary the Government's double-lock guarantee over sovereignty to be included in the Preamble to that Act which should extend not just to the people of Gibraltar but also to the totality of its territory.

Our struggle with the UN and Spain will continue unless we introduce a positive and secure solution that ratifies Gibraltar’s 'Legal Perpetual British Status’ such as we recommend.





In 1964 two young men, Joe Bossano, a Public Health Inspector and Hector Licudi journalist, both started to apply the concept of Integration as had been argued for Malta in 1956, which would give Gibraltar at least one MP, Member of Parliament.

Bossano initiated a group called PIM (Pro-Integration Movement), Bossano invited Maurice Xiberras and Bob Peliza the latter’s experience as a City Councilor made Bob the perfect leader of the Movement.

By 1967 PIM became a Political Party and got ready for next General Elections.

When the Elections came in July 1969 Election. The IWBP could only find 6 candidates to stand, 5 of whom were elected. The Isola Group managed to get their 3 candidates elected. A Coalition was formed; this was unexpected and became a nightmare for the FCO and the AACR.  In time the Isola Group joined the Integration with Britain Party.

That same year in the month of July the Spanish dictator General Franco closed the Frontier and it fell upon the IWBP Government to lead the fight for survival of Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians. These first years of the closure of the Frontier were crucial for Gibraltar. Incredible as it seemed Gibraltar was without Spanish labour or Spanish building materials but the IWBP managed to carry out the biggest Development Programme up to that date. With an undertaking of “Support and Sustain” and Peliza’s Leadership Gibraltar survived.

In 1998/9 Lyana Emery Armstrong, of the Independent Liberal Forum wrote about Devolved Integration. In the same year, Joe Caruana former Minister in the IWBP Government took on Lyana’s ideas after he had read that three UK MPs namely, Dennis Turner, Andrew Rosindell and Andrew Mackinlay favoured representation in Westminster for Gibraltar.

The name of the Movement was changed from Devolved Integration to the Representation in Westminster since Gibraltar had acquired a large measure of Self-Government or Devolved powers and the only one area where Gibraltar needed to integrate in was in the UK Parliamentary system.

The new Movement started a Petition Campaign in 2019 and it spent almost the whole year canvassing for signatures to a Petition that asked for Gibraltar to have its own Representative in Westminster. It managed to gather 11,500 signatures from local residents, the largest amount of signatures ever raised in a petition, plus another 3,000 signatures from British visitors to Gibraltar, a total of 14,000 signatures.

The Petition was handed to Gibraltar’s Chief Minister for him to present it to the Gibraltar Parliament and this was duly carried out.

A delegation of 7 members of the Movement and delivered the Petition to London to the residence of the Prime Minister, Ms T. May. Messrs A.Rosindell and C.Mackinlay accompanied us to N0. 10 and The Hon. A. Rosindell presented another copy to the Speaker of the House of Commons.




When Sir Harold Wilson stopped off at Gibraltar in 1966, on board HMS Tiger, to meet with Rhodesia’s Ian Smith, he also called on Sir Joshua Hassan and Wilson asked Sir Joshua ‘What about Integration?’ Mr. Wilson’s Private Secretary, Michael Palliser later stated the following:

“The Prime Minister tells me that he is still somewhat taken with the possibility of a future integration of Gibraltar with the UK not least because he is concerned to outflank the Spanish argument that any form of constitutional change in Gibraltar represents an infringement of the Treaty of Utrecht”.


Sir Joshua’s response to Wilson’s direct question was that the integration movement was, in his opinion, ‘confined to a relatively small group of people and their views carried little weight in the colony as a whole’.

Hassan’s answer was an under-statement since the Integration with Britain Movement, was very active around Gibraltar.

Hassan’s dismissal of Wilson’s proposal was a great political mistake since Gibraltar continues to suffer harassment from Spain whereas if Gibraltar had been Integrated it would not have had the status of a Colony, no Claim from Spain, no visits to the United Nations and would have prospered as an overseas territory of Britain.

Integration for Gibraltar not only meant becoming a Region of the UK through an Act of Parliament that would have given Gibraltar an Unbreakable, Indissoluble Link with the Mother Country signifying an International Status Indistinguishable from and Equal to the UK territory and we would have had direct Representation in Parliament.

Integration in no way impeded political evolution or devolution of powers to the Region, just as has happened with Scotland, Wales and Northern Island.

But our Movement is not asking for Integration Since Gibraltar's level of Autonomy or Devolution is adequote, all that is needed is to integrate into the British Parliamentary system.




  1. Question: Why is representation in Westminster necessary?Answer:    When Gibraltar is discussed in the British we do not have a direct say. And as British Citizens we have the Right to a vote in the UK Parliament.


   2. Question: Have other European Countries given the vote and direct representation to their Overseas Territories?

        Answer: Yes! France has Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, New Caledonian and now the Mayotte Islands in the Indian                Ocean. Holland, has the Antilles and Aruba in the Caribbean. Denmark, has Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Spain, has              Ceuta and Melilla. Portugal has the Azores, Madeira.


3. Question: Is this not a retrogressive step for Gibraltar?

    Answer: No, this is a 21st Century solution as Nations continues to bind together more fully in the interest of commerce and      security. With this formula Gibraltar retains its present level of Self Government.

    Devolution works in Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland and all these have representation at Westminster as well as in their own        Parliament.

    There are three Constituencies in the UK, Orkney, The Shetlands and Western Isle, with populations close to Gibraltar’s who        have Representation and yet only vote on matters that concern their territories, but Gibraltar has also the matter of Defense      and Foreign Affairs which frequently crop up in Parliament.

4. Question: Would Gibraltar miss out on its Finance Center activities, and would this mean fiscal control from the U.K.?

 Answer: NO! NO! To both!!! Gibraltar would retain its present Fiscal and Governmental Autonomy as at present.

5. Questions: Would it be easier for British Government to give Gibraltar away after taking this step without consulting the               People of Gibraltar?

 Answer: NO! NO! IMPOSSIBLE! The Democratic Consent of the people of Gibraltar, enshrined in the Constitution, will remain   he paramount safeguard AND ONLY ANOTHER ACT OF PARLIAMENT COULD BREAK THIS NEW LINK WITH THE U.K.

6. Question: Won’t Gibraltarians lose their identity with this idea?

 Answer: Never! The Scots the Welsh, Northern Irish and the English all have different identities and cultures yet they all have their own flags and languages and yet they are all British!

 7. Question: Would Gibraltar not limit itself and miss out by not having the Parliamentary Friends of Gibraltar Group speaking up for Gibraltar?

 Answer: Gibraltar’s new friendly MP would ensure the continued friendship of this Group of MPs and foster the closes relationship with them and others so they will continue to lobby in the interests of Gibraltar.

8. Question: Will British Taxpayers be burdened with the salaries of Gibraltar’s new MP?

 Answer: Should this be a necessary there is no doubt that the Gibraltar Government will be more than willing to pay the expenses of its own representative.



     Gibraltar will maintain its present level of Autonomy with the Devolved Powers to local Ministers; there will be no dilution of the present Gibraltar Constitution, except any agreed by the Government of Gibraltar, or its safe Preamble.  Gibraltar should cease to be a COLONY and de-listed from the UN List of Colonies awaiting decolonization.

At present important matters concerning Gibraltar i.e. (Foreign Affairs, Defense, E.U. matters and Internal Security) are discussed in the British Parliament and Gibraltar has no direct voice there. (This we consider to be a political democratic deficit).

A) Remember, you are a British Citizen without a voice in your Mother Parliament; this makes you a ‘Second-Class Citizen’ and is a Parliamentary Deficit.

B) Remember, Representation at Westminster ratifies the Perpetuity Clause in the Treaty of Utrecht. 

C) Remember, that by implication this means that Gibraltar could be decolonised.

D) This is a matter only between Britain and Gibraltar.

E) All reference to ‘Reserve Powers and Order in Council should be deleted from the Gibraltar Constitution a the laws that apply to the UK for the preservation of good-order etc should replace the deleted references.

F) It will known Internationally that they would be dealing with a Region of the UK and hopefully enter into a Treaty of Friendship.

G) We urge HMGOG to approach the Prime Minister of the UK and put the proposal requesting of/to him of Representation of Gibraltar in the House of Commons and the inclusion of a Gibraltarian in the House of Lords.




 Readers will recall that during the debate that granted Gibraltar the right to vote in the European Union Elections, in the House of Commons in December 2002, the eight (8) MPs who spoke in that debate, said the following:-

 Andrew Mackinly MP said “I am calling now for us to have a Member of Parliament for Gibraltar’. I also hope that the people of Gibraltar will ask them (UK MP’s) where they stand on extending the peoples franchise to their Parliament, which is this Parliament”. Lindsay Hoyle MP stated, “now that we have the people of Gibraltar the vote in Europe, we should give them the vote in Westminster. ...”  Geraldine Smith MP followed “Is the time not now right for Gibraltar to have Representation in this Parliament at Westminster?” Mr Heath MP observed “But it (Gibraltar) has no access even to the Bar of the House and there is no Representation for the people of Gibraltar here. The House and the Government need to address that point, this is an anomaly”. David Ruffley MP. Stated, “It is clear that the House sees a more important role for Gibraltar in the life of this country. It certainly represents a move towards closer integration”. Andrew Rosindell MP, “The Minister should come to the House to state that she will also give the people of Gibraltar the right to make their own decision on who will speak for them in this House as well. I welcome the Bill, principally because it takes the first step in a long overdue move towards the integration of Gibraltar within the UK”. W.Cash MP. Reasoned “A logical extension of the right to EU Representation is that the people of Gibraltar should be representation in this House. It holds great attraction in principle”. Simon Hughes MP of the Liberal Party also spoke in favour of Gibraltar.

THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PARTY says GIBRALTAR and other overseas territories should be given a seat in the Commons so that Britons living abroad get a voice in the Brexit negotiations, (Sun, Aug 7, 2016). The party has called on the Government and the Boundary Commission to consult on a plan to create new constituencies for British people who live abroad.

The plan, based on the French system created in 2010 enabling French citizens overseas to be represented, will create new MPs to represent Britons abroad.

The Lib Dems have proposed the plan because the Brexit vote will affect many British people who live and work abroad as well as places like Gibraltar, which voted in the referendum overwhelmingly for remain.

On the 29th May 2013 our Committee welcomed 

UKIP Party, Nigel Farage’s statement that Gibraltar, (as well as all the

other Overseas British Territories) should have Representation in the House of Commons.

We have met with the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Joseph Garcia on several occasions and have discussed the practicalities of our proposals, this lead to the Chief Minister proposing that we met with the GoG’s legal advisor Mr. Michael Llambias which we did in the month of April and now we are awaiting another meeting with him. Because of the delicate nature of this matter our Movement has not made any of this public. 

At our last meeting of the 17th October 2016 with the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, the Chief Minister referred to his stated policy of establishing a Select Committee to look at possible changes to the 2006 Constitution and that such a proposal as the Movement is seeking should rightly pass through the Select Committee and that the Movement was free to make their written and oral proposals at the proper time to the said Select Committee.

The Chief Minister made reference to a recent statement of his that said that he 'was sure that the majority of people in Gibraltar would welcome more Representation in Westminster'. The Movement welcomes this statement since it seeks Representation without losing the Devolved powers gained in the 1969 and 2006 Constitutions.





letter to the Hon. Fabian Picardo QC, MP

31st October, 2014



Dear Chief Minister,

      We met with your good self and Dr Joseph Garcia on February 15th for the second time, (copy of Minutes attached), when we discussed our Movement’s proposal. A proposal whereby Gibraltar would retain its present level of autonomy and advance its Link with the UK by getting Representation in Westminster.

      It has now been close to eighteen months (April 25th 2013), since our Movement’s last meeting with Michael Llamas, (copy of letter attached).

Given the delay in arranging our agreed second meeting with Michael we met again with Dr Joseph Garcia on September 2013 where we expressed our concern at the delay in the follow-up to our series of our meetings.


      In reflecting about everything we have discussed and seeing the lack of progress at the UN C24 on decolonization and self determination we humbly suggest that a new approach needs to be taken by HMGOG at the UN C24.

     Our view is that the representations made for self determination is not working and that a more direct and progressive line of approach is required.

That the Gibraltar case ought to be put forward with an offensive rather than with a defensive stance, an approach ‘A la Catalana’.......................


We call this ‘other political status’ the Fourth Option with Representation in Westminster.................

All the above as a result of a free and voluntary choice by the people of Gibraltar expressed through an informed and democratic process, i.e. a Referendum with observers from the UN24 and various Commonwealth Countries.

In other words HMGOG proposes to use the 1970 declaration which gives the people of Gibraltar the freedom to retain its present 2006 Constitution with one addition, that Gibraltar should have direct representation in the British Parliament, either in the House of Lords or the House of Commons. This would give Gibraltar complete political equality with the United Kingdom.

Currently the situation is that, even though Gibraltarians are full UK Citizens they are not part of the UK Parliament, except that by virtue of their membership Gibraltar can vote in the EU Elections as a Region of the United Kingdom.

That Gibraltar is also part of a single Member State in Europe yet has no Representation in that State where Internal Security, Defence and Foreign Affairs Reserve Powers and Orders in Council, are discussed, from time to time and Gibraltar has no voice.

Gibraltar is the only European Overseas Territory that has no voting rights in its Mother Country. All other EOT belonging to Denmark, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain enjoy representation in their respective Mother Parliaments.

With the inclusion in Westminster we feel that this inclusion of political equality in the United Kingdom Parliament eliminates the political deficit that Gibraltar suffers at the moment.

That as early 1716 Gibraltar was considered a part of the United Kingdom and its people as if they had been born in the UK.

Shortly after WWII when the UN was created, for some unexplainable reason Gibraltar was classified, with all the other BOT, as a Colony and has since been subjected to undue inconveniences...........................

That today, in the 21st Century, Gibraltar enjoys Institutional Autonomy, Procedural Autonomy and Economical Independence and Fiscal Autonomy, with representation in the European Union...............................

That Gibraltarians are full British Citizens with the Queen being the Queen of Gibraltar.

We consider that the Link between the UK and Gibraltar would be strengthened in a tangible and visible way thereby giving Gibraltar greater International standing.

Therefore a vote at Westminster as a Region of the UK for Electoral purposes would be a positive move.

HMGOG will persuade the British Government to introduce an Act of Parliament, an Enfranchisement Bill for Gibraltar allowing Gibraltarians to vote in the British General election for its own seat or vote jointly in a British Constituency as part of that constituency, thereby making Gibraltar a Region of that constituency for electoral purposes.........................

Above all the case will have been made so that Gibraltar would cease to be a Colony and therefore it should be automatically delisted from the list of colonies awaiting decolonization.


We trust that the above contains sufficient food for thought that will enable us, together with your legal team to proceed on the road of decolonization. 

The Committee








PUBLISHED: Aug 7, 2016

LIBERAL DEMCRATS propose plan for new MPs to represent Britons abroad

GIBRALTAR and other overseas territories should be given a seat in the Commons so that Britons living abroad get a voice in the Brexit negotiations, the Liberal Democrats have said.

The party has called on the Government and the Boundary Commission to consult on a plan to create new constituencies for British people who live abroad.

The plan, based on the French system created in 2010 enabling French citizens overseas to be represented, will create new MPs to represent Britons abroad.

The Lib Dems have proposed the plan because the Brexit vote will affect many British people who live and work abroad as well as places like Gibraltar, which voted in the referendum overwhelmingly for remain.

The proposal follows the news that the Lib Dems will fight the next general election on a platform taking the UK back into the European Union.

Party leader Tim Farron said: “Britons live, work and trade throughout Europe and the negotiations over Brexit will take years and will be incredibly complex.

“It is vital that Britons in places like Gibraltar have a strong voice in Westminster because it is them who will feel the impact of changes to border controls, business access or trade rules.

“People living and working in Spain and elsewhere will be impacted dramatically.

“They deserve a voice in Parliament and I am urging the Government to work with me to deliver this.”



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